Friday, July 1, 2011

Bucket List

Well I'm making my bucket list right now for me and if you want to read great!
1. Train and participate in a Triathlon.
2. Go to Hawaii for a great relaxing vacation.
3. Go on a mission with my husband.
4. Have my girls married in the temple to worthy young men.
5. Go back to Phil's mission, the Caribean.
6. Finish our food storage.
7. Go temple hopping and see how many we can visit before we die.
8. Finish my degree.
9. Pay cash for our dream home.
10. Ice skating in Time Square.

These are the things I want to do in this life time. Some are silly, some are dreams I've had since I was a little kid.

August 6th I'm signed up for my first triathlon, and am very proud of myself for just getting this written down and starting to check things off on my list! Life is short and there is so much to do. I start working towards my goals a little faster and harder!
Here's to the new me!


Jen and Zac said...

Cheers to the new you . . . even though I loved the old you!

Heather said...

If anyone can do a triathlon, you can! Drill sergeant! Good luck I'm rootin' for ya.

Your girls are beautiful and you look as happy as ever.

It's fun to check in now and again and see all the fun things you are up to.

Great Bucket list!

Richard and Joleen said...

I am impressed. You are starting right now. Good for you!

April said...

Good Luck on your list. I made one last year, before I turned 30. Only crossed off one thing so far...
I think they are all good goals, and none of them silly.

april dawn said...

You know I've been considering a bucket list maybe you are my inspiration for actually getting it started! Good luck and Enjoy completing it!