Saturday, June 4, 2011

Taking Pride

Visiting our local fire station, one mile away!

Boston holding on to the hose and Brooks trying to peel off her sticker.

They really do love each other! I have proof.

Phil and I are trying really hard to teach our kids two really important lessons right now.

1. To have the up most respect for those who fight for our freedom and defend our country and to recognize them and thank them for it. When ever we pass a flag, our girls now automatically say "Look a flag". We then ask them what it stands for, they say "Freedom". We ask them who fights for our freedom? They answer "Soldiers".
They are so sweet. So when ever we see fire fighters, police men, military personal we always stop them in the store and talk to them and explain to them their jobs and let the girls thank them for it. They are doing a great job and we love their enthusiasm. I like this kind of brainwashing!

2. Is to serve others. This one has been a huge blessing in our family. We have been starting to make goodies for our families that we visit and home teach and if when we have some more we drop them by the fire station. It has been great to get our girls involved and to teach them that other people are so important and we need to show them love and serve them. I'm grateful for the Saviors example and parents who taught me and love my in-laws for what they taught Phil. We hope to keep this tradition and legacy going.


Carroll Farm said...

I do the same with my girls and police men. For the longest time my adopted ones were scared of police - because that is who took them from their homes. The two red heads would cry every time we saw one. I made it a point to ask the police man if my girls could come over and say hi - with a small amount of background so the cop would know why they were afraid. The fire fighters come to the school up here quite a bit- so they say hi to them where ever we see them. They don't personally know any soldiers, but our neightbor was in Vietnam, and every Vet's Day we take him out and they listen to the stories. I hope that I can instill the importance of service men and women in my girls too.

Richard and Joleen said...

Good job. Love your girls.

Sarah said...

I'm so happy I checked you blog tonight! I miss you! Your girls are so beautiful! Really! So So beatiful!

Famiglia Rogers said...

Miken, how are you? You girls truly are gorgeous. I haven't heard from you in a while so i thought I would say hi!




You guys are raising some fantastic children!!! They are lucky to have parents that have good morals and values. Keep up the great work!!!

Sree said...

lovely blog:)

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