Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Harding Family Pictures 2013

Here's to a much better year! We have learned so much and have been so greatly blessed. We are grateful we are in it together and that we have each other forever. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year.....New Goals...

 Phil and I just celebrated our 9th anniversary.  WOW.
9 years of marriage has added up to: 15 jobs, 10 moves-4 states, 9 major surgeries, 2 beautiful girls and 3 pets! We've been around town once or twice. We live to spice our lives up:)
 We had a wonderful dinner at The Roof, which later Phil experienced the stomach flu, that was an expensive toilet thrown visit. I had been sick earlier that day, but was fine by dinner.
 Then we went to our favorite Bed and Breakfast, The Anniversary Inn.
 We stayed in the mysteries of Egypt.  Totally cool.

 Finished by shooting at the gun range! I just purchased my first weapon....go ahead Obama try and take it way from me! Over my dead body! Don't even get me started on politics!
 Phil had his 2nd surgery 4 days before Christmas. They repaired his other hip and he is on the mend. After his 1st one he was able to walk with out his cool dragon cane....and even pick up some seasonal work in a local warehouse for Christmas. Yeah for hope....it's been a long 3 years!

 I've found my new hobby. Cross fit, I've been doing for the past year and have made serious progress with it. Along with Cross fit I started running, outside in the cold. I know I'm crazy but wow it's a great work out! I'm training for my 1st half marathon in October. Hopefully will get some sprint triathlon's this summer.

 Heber Valley Cross Fit group...some of the runners for our Thanksgiving Trot.
 Our Bishop has challenged us to make our homes a happier place. We have desperately needed that in our lives this past year and have failed miserably. But we have recommitted to our family plan and it has been the best 2 weeks of our lives!!! So excited for our family to get to where it needs to be by following wise counsel.
 Family time at the Ancient Life Museum filled with Dinosaur's and Wildlife....to say we had a blast would be an understatement!

Let me tell you a story about this little cutie. Brooks finds it amusing that she is talented enough to be able to touch her tounge to her nose.  Well we had a doctor appointment last week and her nose started to run, the doctor caught it before I did, so he offered Brooks a tissue.  This is how the conversation went. 
Dr: Brooks, do you want a tissue to wipe your nose?
Brooks: Nope, thank you though, look what I can do, I just lick my bugers off.
Dr: Laughs
Brooks: What to know what else my dad taught me?
Dr: yes.
Brooks: Well when you have a dry buggie you pick it, roll it and flick it, pretty cool uh?
Dr: Peeping his pants, because he's laughing so hard.
Mom: Well now I know what my husband has been teaching our little ones while I'm at work, I'll have a word with him when we get home. 

Dad: No, she did not.
Mom: Yes, she did.
Dad: I taught her that like 3 months ago when she was getting ready to eat one and thought I'd teach her a better way. 

Out of the mouths of babes! Here's to happy new year!

Monday, October 15, 2012


 Brooks with her eye patch and Boston being sill
 3rd birthday breakfast.
 Finger nail polish and she has painted everyone's nails that have stepped foot in here!

 We went to the Kamas pool for her b-day and then a huge BBQ. It was a blast.

 Grandma Kaye-we've adopted her into our family.

 Thomas came to town! We were to cheap to pay $30 to see him, they were happy with this!
 Our dear friends from AZ, the Fulkersons. Modeling Phil's hobbies.

 Phil's nephew Gade's graduation, the girls gave him their own money for his present.
 For Boston's 5th b-day we went to the Hoggle Zoo in Salt Lake.
 I was honored to push my husband around in a wheel chair so he could enjoy the day!

 One happy birthday girl!

Crazy creations in the kitchen when daddy's in charge! Silliness if you ask me!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Brigham City Temple Open House

We thought it would be a great experience for our family to go to the open house of the 14th temple in Utah. It was amazing to feel the spirit and explain to the girls where we go when we go to the temple. Boston loved the Celestial room and kept saying she felt the spirit. Brooks kept looking around each corner for Jesus. It was so sweet. The temple is a the most important place here on earth and we hope to instill a great love to our girls. I'm grateful we get to be together forever. That makes my heart so happy.

AZ trip 2012

 The best day ever! Our dear friend Theresa Heartwell went though the temple for the very first time in August.  We told her we would be down for a wedding in August and she was kind enough to do it the same weekend we were there. We are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments and how amazing she is. Thanks for sharing your special day with us Theresa.
 Loric and Andrea got married and asked me to play the prelude music for their beautiful ring ceremony. It was fun to play again. I miss having a piano.
 The beautiful couple!
 The grandparents of the bride and groom.
 Gold fish in the bowls for the center pieces. Boston loved it!

 My dear Denna...love my sister in law and miss her like crazy!

 Cutting the cool cake.
 This is Ethan, he is our nephew and we had a blast dancing!
 Daddy daughter dance....he is so sweet to his ladies!
 It was so fun to see my family and spend time with them.
 Cousins....they get so big so fast!
 Our little family.
Brooks is obsessed with babies. She asks me all the time when am I going to get pregnant. 
My hot husband, whom I love with all my heart!