Monday, October 15, 2012


 Brooks with her eye patch and Boston being sill
 3rd birthday breakfast.
 Finger nail polish and she has painted everyone's nails that have stepped foot in here!

 We went to the Kamas pool for her b-day and then a huge BBQ. It was a blast.

 Grandma Kaye-we've adopted her into our family.

 Thomas came to town! We were to cheap to pay $30 to see him, they were happy with this!
 Our dear friends from AZ, the Fulkersons. Modeling Phil's hobbies.

 Phil's nephew Gade's graduation, the girls gave him their own money for his present.
 For Boston's 5th b-day we went to the Hoggle Zoo in Salt Lake.
 I was honored to push my husband around in a wheel chair so he could enjoy the day!

 One happy birthday girl!

Crazy creations in the kitchen when daddy's in charge! Silliness if you ask me!


city said...

thanks for sharing...

Sara said...

Haha! Nice that you included us. So sexy!

Carroll Farm said...

Great pictures. Your girls are cute!

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