Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 2011

We started the new year off in Concho. Went up to play in the snow and see Roy and Iris. Boston had the best time out of all of us. She played for hours and hours outside. She'd come in warm up and go right back out!
Thank goodness there was no wind. It was -22 one morning and -7 when Boston went out to go play! Phil did most of the supervising along with the dog Ender. I went on a walk with her and this is the view I saw!

I love Iris!
She's my hero.
Our cold family!

Boston got a kick out of snow angels. She could not wait to get up and see the finished product.
She also learned not to eat the yellow snow!

Brooks trying it out for size. Poor baby was sick with a fever and ear infection.

The true sport! From sun up to sun down she was outside. She got to witness Ender the dog catch his first rabbit ever. She still talks about it today! It was totally awesome!

Not so sure about the white stuff.

Hated the car ride, she screamed for an hour and half straight. Her ears were killing her I'm sure.

Boston waned to ride with the window down the whole ride up there.

We got stuck only 3 times. If we go to BYU for grad school, we will probably get something with front wheel drive, just to make Phil happy!

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