Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The end of 2010

Since we live in Goodyear and it's only snowed once since I've been alive, the city was nice enough to provide Christmas at the Park and bring in snow. Here we are all bundled up, it was still 70 degrees outside. But we had a blast!

Still my favorite boy!

Thank goodness for daddy's cane!

My new hobby is yard sales! We have a yard sale every month! We live in a perfect place and have some ladies from church come and bring their stuff too! We make our extra play money this way and it's been a blast spending Saturday mornings with the whole family.

Brooks is so funny. This is one of her random poses she does through out the day!
She cracks her self up!

Christmas lights were hung my the girls this year. Between Phil and I with my bad knee and his messed up back we got it done with out hired help. They have been so patient!

Checking to see if the lights were working!

My parents got to come home for a month! We had a great time together. They watched the girls for 2 nights while Phil and I were able to get away. Thank you mom and dad . A break much needed and a great way to celebrate 7 years!

Addy and Brooks! Best of cousins.

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Aubrey said...

So cute! For some reason Addy thinks a camera means "open your mouth", that's what all our pictures of her look like. haha