Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas 2010 family picture!

Boston was really into Christmas this year. She got a few movies and a little people's doll house!

Brooks followed Boston's every move! She got a piggy bank that she is still playing with.

This year Phil and I are up to $8 present. We do that $ amount for the years we've had Christmas's together. So I went yard sale shopping and found Phil 2 Fondue pots, never been opened and we've had fondue Friday's ever since Christmas! Best $8 I ever spent. He was nice enough to get me a scrap booking kit.

We did nuts in the stockings so they could eat while they waited patiently for their turn to open theirs.

Boston was in her first production! For preschool they did The Nativity. Boston was the Shepard boy. Each kid had their line memorized. Boston's was "Teach the children that the lost sheep are found by the sound of the bell. And that all man kind may be found by the bell. The bell symbolizes Guidance and Return." She had it nailed down. Well she gets up and just goes off on her own little line....went something like this. "Teach the children that Santa Clause will bring them presents and the sheep will sleep and it will be just fine" Oh MY WORD....we laughed so hard! She loved the laughing and decided to keep going. WOW! We love you Boston.

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