Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7th knee surgery 7th year wedding anniversary.

Well I had my 7th(3 of them which were in the past 10 months) knee surgery on Jan. 10th. It went great. I had my 5th one in April. It did not work, so the new doctor had to take everything out on surgery #6 and put in a bone graft. Non weight baring with 2 small kiddos for 10 weeks was so insane! Then 3 weeks ago I had my 3rd one to correct the problem and put the new ACL in for good. I'm excited to get back into shape again. I had lost all my weight in April, had surgery and ended up putting 30 of it back on. It's a new year, just signed up at the gym, get up at 5am and go every single day! Feels great.
Anyways, even after being 15 pounds lighter than when I got married I was still not able to fit in my dress. My ribs expanded about 1 1/2 inches from being pregnant with Boston. So I have a pretty wedding dress that does not fit and will never fit again. So I decided to have my mom help me on my anniversary and cut the dress up so we can make the girls baptism dresses out of the material. I'm really excited to share that with the girls. I wish I would have thought about that earlier so I could have made their blessing dresses out of it also.
Thanks mom for all of your help! You are the greatest in so many ways.


Ash Trump said...

Sorry to hear about all the surgeries... NO fun at ALL!!! I think that is a totally great idea about your dress and I think if I ever have girls I may just do that because lets be honest my girls will probably want their own wedding dress! Post pics of the dresses when your done ;o)

Malori said...

Surgery is no fun - I'm sorry you have to go through that! What a fun idea to make dresses out of your wedding dress! Congrats on the weight loss - I haven't been doing a great job...dang to get to work!
We need to get together!

Richard and Joleen said...

Love the post. Such cute pics of Boston in the snow. It will be fun doing the dresses for the girls. Love you all.


MMMM brings back memories of my mum making dresses from dresses. God bless our MUMs!

alison said...

That is an amazing idea for the wedding gown!!!!!!!! I hope your knee is finally going to be better once adn for all!