Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Left over summer days!

Boston took this picture of Brooks-she's getting pretty good.

Boston has two dead teeth, they happen to be her two front teeth. She fell and hit her mouth on the tile when we first got here. Dentist says she is okay and will just have gray teeth till they fall out.

Brooks first bubble bath!

I had to get creative this summer, so we took the big pool and put some dish soap in it and turned it into a huge bubble bath. I'm all about cheap entertainment!

The girls watching a movie on our bed, they are getting better about sharing; which will be life time of learning, but by small and simple things great things are come to pass!

My favorite summer activity. Mud baths, don't worry, I was right down there with her. I remember growing up playing in the mud. Boston didn't like it at first, but she learned to love it when I got in. Brooks wanted nothing to do with it. She just likes to eat dirt!


Aubrey said...

Oh, too bad about Boston's teeth! I've never noticed though. Addy just chipped her front tooth pretty bad....probably about 5 more years until she gets a new one!

Richard and Joleen said...

Cute pics. Love the mud. Lots of good memories of mud playing.
I didn't notice her teeth either. Maybe they won't go to dark. love ya.

michaela said...

What a fun time! I loved playing in the mud as a kid too! The dirtier the better! I have lots of fond memories of us playing at your house growing up. And those bikes rides were something else too!

Georgia Davis said...

we spent all summer having dish soap baths in the backyard. now that it is getting cold cori is still wanting to take baths in the yard but its just not the weather for it now. we did mud too this summer..sooo fun..but the yucky tx ants got us..not fun...

AWEnterprises said...

Adryan's tooth died too, when he was a little guy. It recently fell out, but seems to not be growing well. Dentist hasn't said anything, so I hope it's fine. It's also fun for the mud bath. Adryan had his first one this summer. He's not a typical boy, as I'm sure you've noticed, and never really likes to get dirty, but he LOVED it. :D Your girls are just so cute! Any boys on the horizon? LOL