Wednesday, October 27, 2010

B is for Boston

I'm only doing this for journal purposes. I might be a little proud too, but that's what kids are for, so their parents have something to talk about, right?
Thursday night Boston and I sat down to do her short vowel puzzle. She picked up the card and on her very own, she sounded out each letter and put them together. I was dumb founded. I said "Phil did you hear that?" Then she did it again with the next piece, she then said " Phil did you hear that?" She thinks its funny to call us by our first names. You have got to be careful on what you tell this girl, she has a mind like a sponge times 1000.
She's 3 and some change, she can now sound out and read 3 and 4 letter words. She knows all 50 states, learning the fifty nifty state song right now, all her colors, counts to 30 all by herself, has every nursery rhyme memorized, the pledge of allegiance and her address-very important to know. And to much more than a 3 year old should know.
It has always been a challenge being Boston's mom, but more and more it's starting to pay off. I feel very fortunate to be her mom. Thanks for listening, even when I don't think you are.
Boston started a co-op preschool on Thursdays, with some ladies from church. This is the coolest ideas, there is Velcro on the second line, so they peel it off and have to put it back on and then write their names. We are working on making one for her. I love learning new tricks. Some of my favorite resources I've used to help this brain along are:
Letter Factory and Talking Word Factory movies from Leap Frog
Flash cards and a map and lots and lots of patience. We started doing school every night after we put Brooks to bed for about an hour and that has helped out so much! I just hope I can keep up with her.


AudyCamp said...

We love Letter Factory & Starfall at our house too :)

Chrissy said...

wow- good for you guys- I need to step it up with Josh- you're always such a good example to me of a great mom and spiritual inspiration- love ya!

Jen Trew said...

Of course Boston is smart - she takes after her mom :)

Look at too for some neat printables. You can teach her prepositions using Little Miss Muffet!!

I miss you so much! I love reading your blog, it makes me feel close to you even though we never get to talk anymore!


Richard and Joleen said...

Boston you are one great little grand-daughter. Thanks for being you. love you