Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our far!

Brooks and Boston love to play together. They are becoming quite the good little buddies. Sad to say that this is Brooks first bubble bath at 16 months old. They had a blast. My camera died, but later Boston ended up in with her too!

I love kisses, but Brooks is all tongue. It's so funny!

Boston is quite the pizza maker. I try and make homemade pizza every Friday, trying to establish one new family tradition. This one is Basil, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes with a balsamic vinegar/olive oil base. YUMMY!
****This month our sweet Boston found our food money envelope that had the whole month's food allowance in it of $360. She put it down the paper shredder. I was very proud of myself for not loosing my cool with her. She ran off to her room crying because she saw the shocked look on my face. She said "it's okay mommy, you can just buy some more money" The FED's said we just needed to send everything into them and they'd hook us up. Thank you! What a way to start our month off! We saved a couple slivers and added it to her baby book!

We finally got to go to the duck pond. Cris and Connie were with us, thank goodness. Between Phil and I we can't move to fast and we have nothing but spirited daughters. A fish jumped out on to the land and Boston got to save it by putting it back in the pond. Brooks ate most of the bread but it was fun to say the least.

Notice the crutches and the cane. Our trial in life for the past 6 months has been our health. When all is said in done by December I'll have had to have 3 knee surgeries. Phil injured himself in the Air force and can barley walk. Boston said to us the other day, "when I get older I will need a little cane to help my hurt hip". Hopefully the second coming comes fast! We are still waiting word on Phil's hip, we'll keep you updated! Thank you for all your prayers and support. We need all the help we can get!


Sommer said...

Funny girls and that pizza looks BOMB! We've been grilling them on the grill lately, you should try it!

April said...

Hey! Friday night is our homemade pizza night too, my favorite!!!

Malori said...

That pizza is so pretty!!! You must be a gourmet cook! I love that story about the money - I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but it is a great story to tell!! I'm sorry you guys are struggling with your health. We will keep you in our prayers for sure.

Chrissy said...

You are always such an amazing example to me in so many ways- thanks for being you! My mouth is still open after reading about the money. Good for you for keeping your cool- don't know if I could have done it. We still use your homemade pizza recipe and I've had several friends ask for it- it's the best! Although you are much more creative with it than we are!!! Love you guys and hope you are both feeling well again quickly. You're in our prayers!

B+B said...

looks like you all are doing great! your two girls look just like each other.

Em said...

Your little Boston is a mini-Miken! Both girls are adorable!

Little kid tongue kisses are hilarious--and sweet. :)

And that pizza looks amazing!!!!

...Also, $360 down the shredder! Bless the Feds for giving you money back! Hallelujah.