Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best Sister Ever

So Ashley is my younger sister who lives in Vegas. She was a rock star and offered to come and help me after my knee surgery since Phil has been super crazy busy with school. I can't put any weight on my knee for another 6 weeks. She came to cook, clean, babysit and teach me how to make beanies so I don't go crazy with nothing to do. She sacrificed a lot to come. A special thanks to Matt and Kim for watching Charlie so Ashely could come and be my hands and feet for a few days. Tuesday-Friday. Ashley is as Christ like as they come and I'm so humbled to have her for my sister and love when we do get to spend that time together. Thank you, sis!
Boston and Brooks have found a source of new entertainment. My sister Carrie found some new kitties and brought them home to help entertain all of us. They girls love them and are pretty good around them. The cats really do put up with a lot, but they have not run away yet!

Brooks gets so excited that she squeals when she sees them, and tries to squeeze their eye balls out by squeezing them so hard!


Ashley and Matt Marx said...

aww thanks I love you and glad I could help out a little bit.

Jen Trew said...

Sisters are the best sometimes aren't they!?! You are a very lucky girl :)

Richard and Joleen said...

So glad Ashley was able to help out. We are thinking and praying for you all the time. Fun, you learned to make the beanies. Now maybe it will get cold enough to use them. You can send one this way. love you

Malori and Jon Saline said...

It's so great to have fantastic sisters!
Now that Jon is out of his "studying pit" we need to get together for sure - but we don't want to interrupt your husbands studying......It is so tough on them!!
Let us know!!

kraftenkrazy3 said...

Hey, just thought I would let you know that we have our enrichment nights on the 4th Thursday of the month. We will be having it this month, Aug. 26th. I saw that you are planning the Learning Circle Group for that same night.

The first week of the month seems to be totally open. Not sure exactly when book club is, if it is the first week.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know. Come January we get first pick of the new Enrichment night.

Vanessa Campbell

Malori and Jon Saline said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog!! We love Fringe and are excited for it to start up again - 24 is one we are going to rent pretty soon, but i have never heard of the unit....better get myself on netflix!
I hope things are going well for you and that your knee is feeling better!