Saturday, July 10, 2010

Knee surgery #6

Seriously you thought I would have a bionic knee in by now. This is my sixth knee surgery in 10 years. 2nd one in 3 months. I will have one more in December before it's all over. My 5th one we had done in TX did not work. So this time they took all the hardware out, placed a bone graft in and have to let it heal. Then in December after my parents get home from their mission I will have the reconstruction of my ACL. I don't know why I have been blessed with bad knees. Other than my 6 knee surgeries, C-section, appendix taken out and my 18 sets of tube I'm a healthy person!
Phil on the other hand has had to triple his load, he's taking 9 summer credit hours and trying to hold down the fort. My sisters help out where they can. Aubrey and Nate down the street and Ashley is coming next week for a couple of days. Thanks for all the meals and prayers everyone.
What I have learned from all of these health trails is #1 it could always be worse. #2 I need to fully rely upon the Lord and #3 I can't do everything by myself!
Pictures to come.


Carroll Farm said...

give us a holler when you can come out!

AudyCamp said...

You were in my dream the other night & had just had knee kidding! I shouldn't tell you this but the docs totally messed it up & then you needed a new leg...haha!
Hope that everything is going well you bionic woman you!

beau.shaunalee said... totally inspire me!! (always,always have!!) Thanks for finding my blog! I'm totally going to check out 'the power of moms'. You need to teach me everything you know! PLease, keep in touch!!!
beau(dot )shaunalee at gmail
luv your guts!!