Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best Summer Birthday's Ever!!!

I just realized we have 3 months of parties, what a great way to spend the summer!
July 27th is Phil's b-day. He turned the big 31. This year I had Chelsea King come over and bake a cake for Phil. Then we had aunt Callie and then Connie watch the girls. This would be our first time away from the girls. Phil was a little nervous-I could not wait! We went to the temple with Nate and Aubrey. Afterwards ate at our favorite buffet. Hong Kong Buffet in Chandler. It's got everything from a sushi chef, crab legs, Mongolian grill to everything from around the sun. It was our splurge of saving all summer! Then we went and saw Inception later that night. Slept in till 9:30am, HEAVEN! Went to breakfast at TJ's. Picked up the girls and went swimming at the Jerrell's. It was a great birthday. Thank you Phil for marrying me and helping out so much.

My top 10 favorite things about Phil.
10. An amazing father.
9. My best friend.
8. A perfect husband for me.
7. A most excellent student.
6. Makes me laugh every single day.
5. Honors and takes his priesthood responsibilities very serious.
4. A fabulous cook.
3. Never does a half A@$ job.
2. His goofy personality.
1. He completes me!
Making the cake with Chelsea.

Boston's 3rd birthday was June 14th. We celebrated with cousin Addie who turned one.
We had it at the city splash pad. Thanks to Aubrey's family we had a snow cone machine, cotton candy maker and hot dogs and all the fixings!

I love how everyone in this picture is try to blow out the cupcake!

I can't remember if she sneezed or not!!!
But I love this picture. I love our cupcakes, all those are is mini marshmallows cut in half and dipped in sugar crystals and stuck on by the icing! Thanks Aunt Callie for the fun idea.
Matt and Ashley and kiddos were able to make it for the party. We had a great time!
Top 10 for Boston:
10. I love when she walks up to someone and introduces herself.
9. How obedient she is.
8. Her questions and answers she gives.
7. How extremely intelligent she is.
6. How much better she has gotten in the past year.
5. How she makes Brooks laugh.
4. How much she loves and trust her daddy.
3. When she tells us stories.
2. How well she eats and tries new food.
1. I love how much she loves the gospel already!
Ah sweet Brooks. She turned 1 on May 1oth. We were up visiting Roy and Iris in Concho, AZ. We try not to feed our kids sugar. So for Brooks cake she got watermelon and she was so stinking happy. We celebrated it twice, once there and then once down here in the valley, we had an open house/meet the girls/birthday party for Brooks!
10 things I love about Brooks
10. Her crooked smile.
9. She loves food.
8. Her cuddles.
7. How she needs a blanket fix(she will find her blanket, stick her head in it for a few seconds and then leave it and move on to her next activity)
6. Her squeal.
5. Her simple joy.
4. When she blows kisses.
3. Her ability to make anyone smile.
2. Her laugh-especially when Boston can make her.
1. She completes our family for now.

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Sommer said...

Your girls are sure darling and getting so big!
We need to set Boston and Chandler up when he gets home from his mission... at EA in 18 years!