Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Brooks had her first taste of Turkey from our huge Turkey legs!
This year we wanted to do something fun for Thanksgiving since we don't have any family close by. So we packed up Thanksgiving day, drove 3 hours to Houston for the Renaissance Festival so Phil could feel at home. His exact words out of his mouth were when we walked in was..."Welcome to my world" Total nerd thing to say!
Phil loved the custom swords and got a million ideas for his book.
Everyone was dressed up. I wasn't and felt like an out cast!

Boston got to feed and ride the elephant, she had a great time. Definitely her daddy's girl.

Waiting in line to ride it-we gotta work on the patience thing-not going so well.

The merry go round with freakish looking wooden animals! B picked the monkey.

My knight and shining man!

So I have a new appreciation for my parents who have stayed in a dozen motels with 5 kids. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! All I can say I will never take Boston to a motel with us again at least till she is 10. WOW, lets just say Brooks is the only one that got sleep that night and that's because she was in the bath tub and so stinking cute!


So I needed a break from my everyday life. I decided that once a month that I would start a Ladies Night Out. So our first one was to see New Moon.

Jacob was SOOOOOOOOOO Hot. It was a blast to act all giddy like a single college girl. Ask anyone there and you wouldn't have thought I was married!:)

Thanks for showing up everyone!


April said...

That sounds like such a fun Thanksgiving!! I would love to go to something like that. And how cute was your little baby in that tubby :)

Good idea for a ladies night out. I still haven't seen New Moon, but I am Team Jacob all the way :)

Chrissy said...

Sounds like a great time! I wish I could have gone to the ladies night out with you- I need to start that here!!!!!

Ashley and Matt Marx said...

Great idea to put Brooks in the tub we are totally going to do that next time we have to travel with a baby.

Aubrey said...

Oooo...I like the tub idea too! Great post, love all the pics!

Joleen said...

The pictures are great. What a memory eh! Life gets better all the time. Love you lots.!!!!

Knudson Family said...

fun. I recognize quite a few girls in those last pictures. Would have been fun to go along!

Sarah said...

I liked Jacob too! Even though I LOVE Edward in the book. Good for you to get out and about with the ladies! Next time you have to go to a Hotel use Melatonin! It's all it's great for you and use a very small amount and they will be sleeping with no prob. I can't belive I never knew about it until now. It really helped the kids drive threw the night on our trip.

B+B said...

Fun stuff! It looks like you all had a great time for Thanksgiving! What fun to ride an elephant. Not many people get to say they have done that! I saw New Moon too with the ladies in the ward here in VA. I agree, I am totally on the JACOB is hot train!

Heather said...

Hey Miken!! I've been so bad at keeping up! I'm sorry. It looks like you are doing great. I can't believe how quickly your kids are growing. Boston is such a little YOU!! So adorable. And your baby is so adorable.

You and phil are so cute together.. you look so happy. I'm so glad. But sorry you have to be away from him so much.

You look so great!

Love you girl.

Sara said...

As always, there is too much fun and adventure surrounding those Hardings! I haven't seen New Moon - can we still be friends?

Aubrey said...

I found a bosom buddy for phil: