Sunday, December 13, 2009

Have a holly jolly Christmas....this year!

So first off....ME. This last couple months I have learned a very valuable lesson. Make time for ME TIME. What a world of difference that has made for our family. I have learned not to feel guilty for taking me time. I deserve me time and most of all I NEED me time. So since Halloween I have lost 13 pounds!!! I am in 3rd place right now for a biggest loser competition that ends in the morning. I hope to make 2nd. But most of all I FEEL great. I love that old saying
"When Mommas Happy Every one's Happy"
I am skinnier than when we first got married. I am proud to report I can do 10 pull ups now and kick some serious butty at the gym. My goal for this year is to run another 5K.
So here's to a great year!
I've taken pie baking as my newest hobby. LOVE IT!!! I have coconut cream and apple.
Our 2 beauties getting ready for bed.

The best thing about 2 kids right now is there is one for each of us!
Phil is great at putting both of them down at night when I've had a rough day or want to go to they gym in the evening.
This little gem is all that in and a bag of chips! She's GREAT!

Boston helping with hanging the lights!

Yes that is a hippo jacket we got a yard sale for $5 before she was even born!

Brooks is definitely a HARDING she loves and enjoys all kinds of food. We had to try curry the other day and Phil could not feed it to her fast enough! YEAH!!!

She eats fast like her mommy!

Boston showing off her new gloves and jacket-thanks Grandma Hunt.

So here is a great afternoon idea! It looks alot messier than it is. You take corn starch and water. We added green food coloring. It's the best. This entertained Boston for 2 hours straight. I was able to play with her and then clean the whole bottom of the house cause the fun never ends with it! TRY IT!


Aubrey said... can you talk about baking to pies and losing 15 pounds in the same sentence Ü

April said...

Awesome job Miken! I am super proud of you.
Me time is the very very best. I need to find me some of that :)

Knudson Family said...

whoo hoo! That's awesome Miken! Email me your address...if I had an old ward list I would know it...but alas, I don' I can send you a Christmas card.

Chrissy said...

Miken- you look amazing!!!!! Good for you! I miss you! I wish I could bring Josh over for playdates and bake pies while Brooks and Chase entertained each other with their cuteness as well! I'm going to try the cornstarch idea- I am so lost still a lot of days with how to entertain Joshua- all he wants to do is watch movies- and I don't want him to be a couch potato!!! Any more ideas you have- send this way!!!!

Georgia P said...

Miken you are super woman but i agree with AUBREY how can you talk about pies and losing wieght in the same sentance...oh yeah you are super woman

Sommer said...

you look fabulous, my turn now! happy holidays in texas.