Monday, December 14, 2009

16 pounds!

Final stats for weigh in
Starting weight: 167
Final weight: 151
Starting size: 12
Current size: 8
Feeling: AMAZING!!!
Next biggest loser competition starts January 4th. Mark your calendars and let me know if your in. The more the merrier. Details to come. HAVE A GREAT MONDAY!


April said...

I wanna do it too!

Carroll Farm said...

I lost 42 pounds and I started the second week in July! Size 6 (I think, my 8's are too big) starting weight was 172 and currently 128 pounds.

way to go. I will start up with you again, the more the merrier

Sara said...

Wowza! Size 12 to 8 - good for you!

Ana Rita said...

Hi! I really enjoyed your blog but you could put something to translate that I do not speak English, I'm from Brazil and speak Portuguese.


I translated my comment on google.

My name: Ana Rita da Silva Santos (12 years)