Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas from San Antonio, TX

Our Christmas was quiet. The girls really weren't into it. Boston wanted to watch a movie, especially after she opened Green Eggs and Ham. That was our Christmas breakfast. It was our Total Money Make Over Christmas. We spent a total of $31.85. It was great. We had a huge dinner, feeding some guys from Phil's work and 4 missionaries and a single sister in our ward. We spent 8 hours in the kitchen and cooking and baking all day.
It was a lot of fun and really yummy!
Connie and Cris gave Boston a manger scene last year and we gave it to her this year when we were decorating. She played with it every day. It was great to teach her about Baby Jesus. She can even tell you what the 3 wise men brought Jesus.

Boston got lots of books from the doctor, I got the potato head for $1.99 with my $5 off coupon!
The best part of Christmas was having her take her piggy bank and get money out to take to the dollar store and buy everyone a present. She even payed the lady at the register, wrapped them and was so excited to see the JOY it would bring everyone. It is so rewarding being a parent. We are working on Joy alot right now and for her to share more and be happy for other just makes your heart melt! We love you Boston.

Brookise B is the cutest, happiest baby EVER. She was easy to shop for, got a $22 toy for $3.64 thanks to our coupons!:)

Boston giving Brookise her present.

Boston got to put a muffin out for Santa this year, she was more excited to see if Santa ate her muffin than to open her presents!:)

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Hunt we were able to buy Christmas dresses. Brooks dress is pink, but was napping when I took the picture. Boston looks just like me when I was 2. She is growing like a weed.


Heather said...

Way to go on the money makeover Christmas! It looks like your girls got some fun presents and I GOTTA get in on the coupon shopping. That's amazing.

I had to laugh because Boston is making the same face as the baby on the side of Brook's toy! :) Ha ha.. so cute.

It sounds like you spent the day serving others, which is a great example to me.. as always.

And way to go on the weight loss you big loser!! I'm jealous. I have a LONG ways to go.. but I guess for now I gotta suck it up until baby comes and then hopefully I'll get motivated to get my body back. ugh.

Adrienne said...
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Adrienne said...

Okay, where are you finding these amazing coupons? Are there websites you use?


Carroll Farm said...

Great job on saving. We really need to do that at our house. :) Love the presents. Great job.

Tami Mills said...

I want to know how to do the Money makover. Sounds like you had a great Christmas and a cheap one. Teach me.

Land of the Mt land of the river and plains said...

Cute pics my dear. The kids look so happy. You don't have to spend $$ to be happy!!! Love you so much. Boston's dress is cute,

B+B said...

WOW you all did an amazing job with saving money! Finding deals is such a wonderful feeling. Glad you all had a great Christmas!