Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What do ya do when daddy's gone?

So Phil is gone again on TDY. I'm grateful for good friends and lots of fun activities in San Antonio to do. The zoo is one of the best places for Boston. She actually didn't get to go to the zoo that day because choose not to listen to me and man is it hard to stick to your guns when you are trying to teach your kids a lesson.

We went to the park instead after she calmed down and rode on the swings.

Happy, but still had puffy eyes from her hard lesson learned.

Can't figure out this swing yet, but had a good time!

I have this thing with wigs and babies. When Boston was 6 months old we put her in a blond wig, I need to do pictures of both so you can see. We had a yard sale last Saturday at Ft. Sam.


AudyCamp said...

k might have to steal that wig sometime...haha. too funny!

Sara said...

A wig fetish, huh? That's a new one for me.

I miss your face.