Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My knight and shining armor. We had a great Halloween. I can honestly say I did not have single piece of candy. I feel bad we didn't participate in our ward trunk or treat because I didn't buy any because I don't eat it. I'm sure others purchased more than enough for our missing share! I loved our theme this year. We won bested dressed family!
Phil was labeled as a total nerd because he made his armor, but I'm super proud of him. Actually the words Emily said were
"you know this is a whole new level of nerd"
The cutest jester in town

Phil won Airman of the quarter for the squadron again, and was up for the running of Airman of the base. He missed it by 2 points, he later found out he was runner up. Not bad for getting his stuff put together in less than 12 hours. He would have totally gotten it if his supervisor would have given him more than 12 hours notice. He's still our Airman of our lives!
We LOVE you Phil.

Bath time, then bed time, 2 of my favorite times of the day!

So Boston has started school. She loves it. It's twice a week and is doing amazing! She's our little smarty pants! She's so grown up. Boston is doing leaps and bounds better with dealing with everything she has been going through. There is light at the end of the tunnel, maybe enough to have another kid:)

Brooks is every one's joy! Boston is about the only one who can get her to laugh. It's so fun to see them start to play together. Brooks is about ready to crawl. She'll be doing it for sure by Thanksgiving. She's a roller and a rocker, she loves to get up on her knees and rock back and forth. She is sitting up straight and knows her ABC's:) JK!

This is my favorite picture. This is our home when Boston's not throwing a fit. There is nothing but pure JOY. It has been really fun to live among the Harding's! Here's to many many more days, months and years to come.


Chrissy said...

Love the updates! Everyone looks great!!!!! I would love a call from you- we are 4 hours behind you. Can't wait to catch up and hopefully hear when you are coming?!!!!

~ kietra ~ said...

You guys look great. I showed my husband your husband's costume and now he wants to make him. I love being married to a nerd! ;) Fun, fun, fun!!!

Aubrey said...

Congrats again Phil! You are Airman of our Lives too Ü.

The Quaid's said...

The girls are so adorable! They have contagious smiles :) Glad to hear all is well...

B+B said...

Love the costumes! How did Phil make his? I think that was a great idea!

Joleen said...

Love the smiles. Great job Phil.