Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 4th of July ward party

I feel so bad because our camera is SO retarded. It takes such slow pictures, all of the ones we take of cute little Brooks don't do her justice. She is such a happy baby. She is 8 weeks today. She slept through the night last night. We put her down at 10:15pm and woke up happy as could be at 6:30am. I'll take that folks! It felt so good to get some uninterrupted sleep. I wish you could see her eyes-they are gorgeous! Bright dark blue with cool designs. We get compliments on them all the time!

This is Kelly Landress Black one of my favorite missionary companions. She lives here in San Antonio and came to celebrate the 4th! Thanks to her and her husband Nathan for helping out with my 2 rowdy kiddos!

Saddie is one of Boston's best friends and former piano students. Every Sunday her and about 5 other primary kids come and take Boston to nursery for us ever week. They are so sweet!

Phil had his first Bishopric assignment, the 4th of July party. It was on Ft. Sam Houston at a fun park. We rented a dunk tank and jumping castle. It was hit! We brought everything from charcoal to drinks and the buns for the meat. But we forgot the meat in our refrigerator. Not cool. So some ward members who were on their way up saved our hinney's and picked it up for us and dropped it off! Thanks Hernandez Family. Thanks to everyone for being patient and waiting on the food. Oopps....better write it down next time!

Well as you can see our 2 year old loves adventure. She wanted to play right along with everyone else. So who got to dunk this sweet child of ours. ME!!! It was great. It felt so good to dunk my kiddo...I'm not a mean mom I promise.:)

I did feel bad because she hit her head on the way down. But like a good sport got in line to do it again 3 other times! We LOVE our Boston. So fun and full of life. She also lost her blanket out the window earlier in the day. The window was rolled down and she held it up to high and the wind took it away. You thought she had been shot with how bad she was crying. Very traumatizing! Then I took her swimming at the pool before we came to the party and she was running towards this soda can to get a drink-and smacked her head into the brick wall that the can was sitting up against. OUCH! She had quite the adventurous day!

You can't hear her but she is saying "Dunk Me...Dunk Me"


Karen Brothersen said...

Hunt! I think I had forgotten that you and Landress were comps. I love her! It looks like you had a great time! Boston is a brave little thing isn't she!

The Bosko Family said...

Your girls are the cutest!
Sounds like you had a great 4th, how fun to make it a ward party!
And I love how little B wanted to be dunked.

B+B said...

So much fun! We had a good time too! I have a few pictures of Boston from that day send me your email and I email them to you.

carebearsrock said...

are you freaking kidding me right now?? your daughter doesnt have 9 lives like a cat.. didnt she already drawn once almost.. your crazy.. lol..