Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh what do you do in the summer time?

So our great friends from Spain sent Boston this Spanish dress with a flower-what a fun dress up piece to add to her collection!

She's always on the move-could not get the silly girl to be still-she was dancing away in it!

Our new ray of sunshine! Of course she's already been attacked by mosquito's while she sleeps, they are 2 in the house that I can't kill. Can't wait to move to AZ for that simple reason-no more mosquito's.

Hanging out in the kitchen!
Yes, Boston still sucks her thumb.
We made a fort the other day. I'm running out of ideas of how to keep this kid entertained. If you have any ideas send them this way please.


April said...

There are no mosquitos in AZ cause it is TOO hot and nothing can live there!
What a cute little dress. And you now, I am out of ideas. I have no idea what to dow with my own kids. Lots of swimming, I guess.

Richard & Joleen said...

I feel for Brooks. I have been eatin alive the past 2 wks. Off is my new best friend. Boston you look adorable. love U.

Sara said...

No mosquitos in AZ? Maybe they were traveling from Texas just to find me and suck on my delicious blood. I get bit all the time!

Your girls are adorable. I love Boston's haircut.

Chrissy said...

Brooks does have gorgeous eyes! I love Boston's dress! I am running out of ideas too- so I will be looking on your blog to see what people say. It's too bad we don't live by each other- they could keep each other entertained at the beach!

B+B said...

Fun little dress! We have bad mosquitos here too! I ended up putting netting over Alex's and my beds at night. Alex is pretty good at leaving it alone! One idea that my little one and I have done is practicing our shapes and letters with pudding. It is messy but fun & yummy too! (tape wax paper to a table to help with easier clean up) Another idea is feeding the deer here on post. Alex loves it!

alison said...

Aww such cute babies. Man Brooks looks exactly like Phil to me. I think Boston is an equal mix, but holy cow, I so see Phil when I look at that little girl. Do other people feel the same way, or is it just me? Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Leah Harding said...

Peppermint oil and water in a spray bottle... mosquitos hate peppermint!

Nathan and Aubrey said...

I'll be updating Deacon's blog today or tomorrow with some fun/easy activities we've been doing lately. Cute dress.

Did we miss Phil's birthday? What day is it?