Saturday, July 4, 2009

We the people...

4 of July is a special holiday for us in the Harding and Hunt Families.
Phil's dad was a Sniper in the Korean War.
Scott served in the Army.
Bryce was a Marine.
My dad and aunt Linda were both in the Air Force.
We are so blessed to know so many wonderful people who have selflessly served our country.
May we always stand for what we believe and have the strength to continue to stand in these perils times ahead.

Tech School

Boot Camp

Flags of America formation

Wishing he could fly in this chopper!
Thanks for everyone has ever served or will serve our country!


~ kietra ~ said...

Thanks for posting! I love patriotic people!! :) Thanks Phil for all your services and to your family for their support as well. I love the USA!!!

Jennifer Bonney Slack said...

Thank for serving our country!!! It is the greatest blessing we take advantage of to have our freedom for which so many people give so much. Thank you!