Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boston's Month!!!

June 14th Boston turned two! We went to the splash pad and had a bunch of friends come and celebrate with us! Boston did fine for the first 1 hour then, she had enough as you can see from the pictures below!
"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"


The Splash Pad
A bunch of water gadgets and a great time. It was definitely a Dave Ramsey stick to your budget b-day party. We had root beer floats and Popsicles and a bag of doritios.

Phil's foot found the gum....yuck!

Boston got bubbles, a blanket, dolls and some cool play dough toys! Thanks to everyone who showed up and disobeyed our no present request!

The life of the party-Brooks slept the whole 3 hours! Heaven sent I tell ya!

Boston loves to play dress up with her new clothes Grandma Hunt gave her!
Thanks grandma.

Boston's new rocking horse. Yep she's only got her boots and hat on-she dressed herself....seriously!

These shoes are made for running! Mom doesn't' need them any more!

So you can guess who put this on her head before it went on her bum....Phil orchestrated the whole thing!

Our sad moment that started the month off. Phil thought it would be a GREAT idea to go get Boston's hair trimmed. Well we went to Wal-Mart-bad idea. The lady who cut CHOPPED her hair didn't really speak good English, let alone understand what a trim meant. So no more hair for Boston. She cut it all off. We learned out lesson. Hopefully Boston will forgive us and let us cut it next time. We are praying it grows in nice and thick!

Bye-bye hair!


Rami, Danielle, Eva, Jacob and Libby said...

Thanks for inviting us. We had a blast.

~ kietra ~ said...

Boston is so cute. Welcome to the two's- they are LOADS of fun!! :)

Karen Brothersen said...

THat is seriously hilarious! Boston the cowgirl! :) I miss you girl!

Sara said...

Whoa cowgirl. Are you sure blogger doesn't have rules against pictures like that? Hee hee. Sorry on the hair thing - she can have some of Ben's - you just have to come VISIT!!!

Carroll Farm said...

Jasmine has tons of hair too - she didn't get her first hair cut till she was almost 3 - and it was thick and to her bum!

love the cowgirl - mine do that all the time

Knudson Family said...

happy birthday boston!!! great pics...

Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday Boston!!!!!

The Bosko Family said...

Oh no, that is so sad about her hair...I feel for ya.

That party place looks like so much fun! She is such a little cutie and I am glad you had a great brithday day.

And that picture on the rocking horse...priceless!!!

Leah Harding said...

OH MY GOSH.. IT BOUGHT BACK MEMORIES OF BREAH NAKED IN THE DISHWASHER OF ALL THINGS!!!! Glad the boots still fit... I will have to get some for wee Brooks:) By the way you are looking great Miken... and trust Phil to find the gum.

The Elms Family said...

Happy Birthday!!!