Thursday, June 11, 2009

A fun, normal day for us!

Brooks first bubble bath. She loves the water.
We have ourselves another fish!

Boston decided to color on the wall. I've been waiting for this day.
Phil looked up on line how to clean it off. Just take a baby wipe and some old fashion elbow grease! Boston did her fair share of scrubbing too!

She seems to be happy to be done scrubbing! You can never start a kid to early on chores:)

I love Sundays. Boston gets to get all dressed up and looks so stinking cute in her outfits! Thanks Grandma Hunt for the dress! Thank you TARGET for the $1 hat!

Brooks can't fit into any of her dresses right now, so she's still in oneies!


~ kietra ~ said...

YOu have darling girls, MIken! You guys do good work!! Hope you are getting some sleep! How are you adjusting to 2 little ones?

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

Right on Miken, teach your children to clean up after themselves at a young age!

Love the tub pics... so cute!

Richard & Joleen said...

The kids look so good. My Brooks has grown. Love you. We are nearly
packed, just last minute items.
Off to be set apart at 7:30. Ü

The Elms Family said...

Your have a beautiful family Miken. All these pics are making me want another one. I hope all is well.

Chrissy said...

So cute! I hope we have a girl someday to dress up in cute outfits and accessories!!!

Georgia P said...

i hear you are going to do pampered chef again. woohooo. you are such a motivated lady, someday i want to be super mom like you. you are awesome

Sarah said...

She is already growing! Tell her to stop!