Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween we went to a couple parties.
Our ward party, Uncle Lynn and Aunt Cyndee's ward trunk or treat and
Uncle Glen and Aunt Deena's home party on Halloween.
Boston was Bruce the Shark!
She would run around all night and say
"Fish are friends NOT food"
From Finding Nemo.
Brooks was Squirt the Turtle from Nemo also.

Phil and I were able to go to an adult party, we had a pizza buffet and played clue!

Boston trying on Phil's 26LB chain mail and showing you her muscles.

Phil decided to crave a pumpkin 3 weeks before Halloween.
Let's just say it didn't last. But we had yummy pumpkin seeds.

How cute can she get!

Bobbing for apples with cousin Kaylyn and Ethan.

Good old root beer with dry ice!

My most favorite costume all year. Deena with her Trecky!

***Oh yeah, happy engagement anniversary to us, Phil proposed on Halloween 7 years ago.***


Richard and Joleen said...

What a cute shark! The turtle is a cutie also. Did Boston get any apples bobing for them?

Anonymous said...

cute pics!

I'm so bummed i'm going to miss the garage sale. I'll be in vegas.
Melissa Beeson

PS but not bummed that i'll be in VEGAS!