Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Phil's Insane Summer

This is what we saw of Phil this summer. He was able to get out of the service and jump right into school. He is attending ASU West for his English major. He wants to teach and write his books. He's a huge sci-fi nerd. He was crazy, this summer he took a total of 18 credits, two 5 week crash courses, a total of 30 books read, over 20 essays written and a minimum of 14 hours a day at the computer. He ate, slept and was a slave to this computer all summer long. I think I'm just now getting around to blogging about it because I can use the computer. But he passed with straight A's. He was just nominated and elected President of ASU's Writing Club.
He is applying for Grad school at BYU and ASU. There are 5 spots open every fall, out of about 300 applications. He's grades are good enough, his new President position helps alot and he's Phil. He'll get it in, this is just one of those things I know.
They let him teach the English 101 and 102 classes, pay him and pay for his schooling. BYU is our first pick. So we'll find out in April hopefully. Our fate once again is in some one else's hands. But am so grateful to know the Lord will have us be where he needs us, this I know. So I don't have to stress about any of it. Go PHIL. We are so proud of you.
This semester he is taking 15 credits and still pumping out those A's!
****yes that was a recurrence with Brooks, she loved climbing up to see her dad***


AudyCamp said...

You are a patient wife!..;) What great accomplishments he has done! I'm sure you are proud.

April said...

That is amazing!
I always think Phil and Jason would get a long so well. Jason has been writing a book for the last 4 years (or longer), and he needs a writing buddy :)

Jess and Jay Brownlow said...

BYU! That would be awesome - although we won't be in Utah anymore:(

Іван said...

Гарний блог.. ;-)

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