Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our little monsters!

Brooks, all she does is eat, eat and eat.

Boston acts likes she's 3! She has finally figured out how to get her fingers held up with out my help.

We went to the San Antonio Rodeo this past weekend. Friday's are dollar days. So we got in free, being military and paid a buck a ride and even got to eat popcorn and hot dogs!

See she's eating again...

Boston went on most of the rides all by herself. She's quite the little miss independent.

We got to see the live stock and there were some beatutiful animals.
Boston loved the cows.

We have the BEST pizza joint here by our home. It's called BIG LOU'S this is the 2nd to biggest pizza. This is a 37". They make a 42" but you can't take that one to go.
We LOVE to feed our missionaries. So we had them over for pizza and wings. There were 4 elders, Boston, Phil and I and we had left overs for 2 days. It's awesome!
Since we've been out of debt we've made a list of things we want to do with money. One of the top things is to pay for people's missions. Both Phil and I served and we had people help us and that made it possible for us to serve. We never want to hear of someone not able to go because they did not have enough money to serve the Lord. It's the greatest feeling to give. We've had some cool experiences these past couple months with giving money away to some different families who were in need. There is no other joy that is greater than giving!!! I love our new life style! So here's to all the books Phil is going to write and sell so we can make our new dreams come true and bless the lives of others! If you haven't tried it-you gotta partake of the sweetness, do it!!!


Knudson Family said...

mmmm...I love big lou's pizza.

Sara said...

That pizza looks fabulous.

Georgia P. Davis said...

that pizza does look awesome. but i just wanted to thank you for helping to encourage me to take over our finances and start to get us out of debt. david and i have long talked about wanting to be those people that are able to just give away money and now we are on that path to getting it done. Thank you. thank you too for encouraging me to check out food storage, that is actually a ton of fun :-)

April said...

You guys are inspiring for sure. I have been nagging and nagging Jason non stop, and I think I almost have him on the debt free band wagon....only $15,000 more to go. Thanks!

Richard and Joleen said...

What a pizza! nice to have a few extra meals too. Glad you can pay it forward......Remember, your not living at our house forever.....
The pics of the girls are wonderful. I need one of Brooks.
love ya

Aubrey said...

That pizza is HUGE, but not as big as your hearts :)

There are some missionaries in Olympia who could benefit from your generosity Ü