Monday, February 15, 2010

The month of LOVE

So I'm loving my new self! I have lost 23 pounds since Halloween. I am in a size 6!!! I have never been in a size 6. People want to know what my secret is. I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I get up at 5am go to the gym for 2 hours, eat less, no candy, chocolate and soda. I eat only at meal time, I have cut out all my snacking! It's a great year to be alive!

We love this little girl! She's the happiest child ever! She's 9 months old and as sweet as they come. We hope she never changes.

I love these 2! They are alike in so many ways. They love to watch movies together!
I love Phil for being a great dad, despite his health issues right now. He's amazing-we are all lucky to have him.

I love playing with our girls. It is very challenging to be their mom, but very rewarding most days!

We love Boston, she's SOOOOOOOO full of life. She is very wise in her young age, it's scary and very humbling to be her parents. We know she was sent to our family to teach us lots of lessons, the lesson we are learning right now is PATIENCE. WOW....what a rush!


Sommer said...

You look great Miken! I can give up candy and soda, but CHOCOLATE!

Sara said...

You do look fabulous, lady. Your husband better watch his back if Joel prints out that picture and puts it on the mirror...

Aubrey said...

what a bunch of cuties!

April said...

You are my HERO! I wish I had the willpower ans stamia to stick to a plan!