Sunday, January 24, 2010

Harding Football 2009

Last Christmas Lynn and Cyndee gave us Eagle Football Jersey's that have Phil and Tyler's number 55 on the back. THANKS guys. I have one too, just had to take the picture so I'm MIA. Phil decided to be on the squadron football team. The first words out of my mouth when I heard the news was "don't go and do something stupid and get hurt!" He replied "I can't make any promises."
Well he had a great season. They got second place in the finals due to the other team cheating and the ref's making bad calls. It was not a pretty sight. ANYWAYS, Phil hurt him self playing. He is finally going to go get an MRI, because he feels like he tore something inside. URRRR .
Hopefully we will get his surgery soon. I'm due for my 5th ACL surgery in a couple weeks. Timing could not be any better! Like I've always said never a dull moment in the Harding Home!

It was fun to watch him relive his glory days!

We had a great time cheering him on this season! My husband is the hottest out there, oldest too!:)


Richard and Joleen said...

Phil, you may have to be like your father-in-law. He had to stop playing basketball because he wanted his knees for later on. I am thankful to him. Becareful bud.

Aubrey said...

Awesome! Well, not about getting hurt and having surgery, but about getting out there and having fun!