Saturday, July 25, 2009

Confessions from a shopaholic

This week was much better. Last Sunday Boston got kicked out of nursery for being a terrible two year old, what more can I say. Poor girl. When the primary president was talking to me I had enough, I started crying. Boston saw me crying and started crying too. It was really sweet. I think that really hurt her feeling. So we talked with Boston tried to reason with her. 1st off nursery is in the middle of her nap time. I'm not anneal with much but naps, I am; I'll rearrange my whole day just to get her to have a nap. So after much prayer and fasting it happened. We figured out where she was learning how to fight, kick, hit, push, shove you name it she was doing. All except biting, she's been bit before but has never bitten another kid. THANK GOODNESS for that one. (I used to be mean bitter) It finally dawned on us that she was getting it from Disney movies, so I packed them up that night, no more Peter Pan-sword fighting, those lost boys are mean suckers.
When she asks to see a movie it's back to Baby Einstein's, she calls those her happy movies. If I had it my way we would not even have a TV.
So Monday morning comes along and something in her just snapped. She has been so pleasant, loving, polite always saying "Yes Mommy" or "Yes please". She has stopped her whining for the most part, if we get to three when counting she goes right to her room to calm herself down. It has been so much fun this past week. She has been a total BLAST!!! I am really enjoying who she is becoming.
We met some friends at the Children's Museum this past week. The coolest thing was the HEB shopping center. Boston went to town. It was very interesting to see what items she picked up on her own. Emily, my friend commented to me "Is she picking out what you guys buy? Austin (her son) is getting everything we buy" How funny is that? How AWESOME was that!!!

Veggies...if you don't know Boston you should know that all I have to do is open a can of green beans, carrots you name it and she'll eat them right out of the can.
She loves ALL kind so of veggies. We started feeding them to her when she was 4 months old and never gave her fruit till she was about 8 months old. She has never had candy-at least given to her by us. She did get to try ice cream when Brooks was born. But we just don't feed her sugar. It's not worth the episodes she has.
One of my favorite things about Boston is she LOVES foods, and she is starting to say UM GOOD when we eat and she really likes it. She tries everything at least once. She is an amazing eater. So all of you future moms who want your kids to be well rounded with foods. I totally believe in not giving your kids sugar at least till they are a year old and fruit at 8 months. She has never even had jarred baby food, we just mashed up everying we ate and that was her meal. Start them on veggies early on and they'll never stop!
Bread anyone?
I could not get her to look at the camera long enough to get a good face expression.

Checking out!

Well you can tell we eat a lot of meat, bread and veggies. She picked out everything all by herself. I was amazed at what she recognized and more impressed that she wanted that for herself. She's our little carnivore:)



Richard & Joleen said...

Yay Boston. What a good shopper you are, Grandpa would love you choices too! Good job.

Leah Harding said...

Ok this is so not cool that we live so far apart... we could be having so much fun with her:(

Sara said...

That video is priceless. What a fun thing to do!

Kelly and Nathan said...

You are such a good mom! You were truly inspried about the videos.
That is so cute of what a good shopper Boston is. It is amazing at how much all little children soak up from observing.

JessicaEklund said...

We really miss the Childrens museum! It looks like Boston is really changing...and what about Brooks, wow, she is her own little person already--don't you hate it how fast the new born stage goes by!

April said...

Good thinking on the cartoons.
You know Clark can get rough a lot too, he is the bully in nursery...not cool at all.

I let my boys watch Wonder Pets and Backyardigans. Great music, dancing, and non-violent. They really love it.