Saturday, November 15, 2008


Here is my new hair cut and prego shirt my mom sent me. I'm 14 weeks, still not big enough to fit into my cute maternity clothes, but to big for my normal clothes. Pregnancy is going great. I forget I'm pregnant until someone reminds me. I'm feeling great and trying to go to the gym everyday.

Boston loves to feed the ducks and turtles. She is so good about sharing her bread and popcorn, but she loves to sneak in her share too. She has a great arm, she can really chuck anything she throws.

Boston's hair is finally growing, whipsy and fine, but it's growing. It curls up in the back and almost long enough to put a clip in it. She wants to be like her daddy bald!

Boston is a great kisser! She finally kisses you on your lips, before it was a head but, she'd turn her head and put it on your shoulder. She's quite the Harding, figuring things out the hard way.

Happy Veterans Day Phil

Halloween this year was fun, we babysat some of my piano students and took them trick or treating. Boston was peter pan and I could only get her to wear this cute raggedy Ann outfit for a few minutes. Her great Aunt Collette made these outfits years ago and let us borrow them. Thanks!
Not liking her wig any more.


AudyCamp said...

looks like life is goin great! cute little raggedy ann that little boston was. you are 3 weeks ahead of me in pregnancy (i'm 11 weeks)!:)

Knudson Family said...

I really like your hair--and you look great!

Trumps said...

Cute... Love the costume!!!! That is awesome that you feel good and go to the gym everyday... I wish I could say I was that good! ;o) Love the new hair! I promise i will call you soon... thank you sooo much for the birthday call ;o) You are awesome!!!!

Chrissy said...

You look great! Boston is getting so big! We find out what our baby is two days before Christmas! We're way excited! Hope all is well!

alison said...

Love the randomness, Boss is really such a little doll! I am so wanting to be preg too! I love that you are starting to get a little bump, not much, but it is coming! YAY, the only time in my life I am happy wiht my big tummy is when I am preg! Glad you are feeling good!

Rich knows all said...

Boston you look so cute. The costume was adorable. Leave for
UT on Thurs. afternoon. Orlando was wonderful. love you!

Ashley and Matt Marx said...

You look cute and pregnant.

kristal said...

Aww, Boston is adorable! I hope you get a little blonde boy. Boys are the best! Um, and you at 14 weeks is me at 14 days. I show pretty much upon conception, and then amaze everyone at 4 or 5 months because they think I'm almost due...then I take a good long 6 months to get it all off...blah! Yet I can't wait to do it again...a few more times!