Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Calling

Well it's been a while for a couple reasons. Everyone passed around this email saying fast for the elections. So since I'm pregnant every time I fast, I choose to give something up for week. Well this time around it was blogging.

New events, I'm am the new food storage person in our ward. I love it!!! Any ideas please pass them on.
Boston now knows 47 signs. We have been working with her in ASL. She is awesome at it and communicates so well.
Phil is off his crutches and is back to work.

I wish I had pictures....someday I'll have time. Until then life is GREAT!


alison said...

Congrats on the new calling, and I like that you chose to give something up for a week since you shouldn't really fast right now. Way to go with the signing Boss!

kristal said...

oh my gosh, we have the best canning specialist right now. She comes every week with new low prices on bulk food and has flyers with the websites and she has the whole year on a flyer of what our ward is up to order. And about once a month she comes with a new conventional way to cook things. SHe's the best. You'll do great at it! Congrats!

Sarah said...

You will be so great at that calling! I just saw your post of the sweet tea and I was dying! I thought that was very funny about the splenda thing. That's the worst kind of sugar you can give a kid! So Jeff's grandma was visiting and she was offering Cal coffee out of her mug and I about died! I stoped it before it happened but I was thinking.." no way would you give a kid coffee even if it wasn't against his religion?" Thats crazy.

How are you feeling?

By Callie Hunt said...

Are you turning Catholic Miken? Lent isn't for a while longer. You are sure one of kind. Sorry I missed your call. Now you have a reason to call mom more than usual, I am sure you will be amazing at your new calling. Here is your comment on your blog, I should be good for at least a month, before you start to complain. We all can't be as popular as you are. I am flying in on 22nd of December, excited to see you for christmas!

Sommer said...

Congrats on everything... Go big girl B on all your new words!