Saturday, August 9, 2008

An invitation to the nation!!!

Have you packed on the weight. Ate to many hot dogs and hamburgers this summer or still trying to shed off the baby fat well here is your chance there is going to be another biggest loser competition so everyone who wants to lose 5 pounds to lots of pounds are welcome to join.
$30 starting fee; You will get $10 back if you lose 10% of your starting weight
1st place get's 50% of the pot
2nd place gets 30%
3rd place gets 20%
Last weigh in October 29th (just in time for Halloween parties!)
Everyone MUST weigh in on the same day (wednesdays) to be part of the challenge.
There will be 2 weekly challenges where whoever loses the most that week gets $20
Join the fun and get sexy!e mail to get on the list


alison said...

Hey there, I am so in on the next BIggest Loser, unless something like preg. happens which I am trying to prevent until after the next B.L comp. I really want to work hard and then as soon as the comp is over get preg! Hopefully it all works out like I want! I would love to lose another 20 before getting preg again. I would actually love to lose another 40, but I can't see that happening in 8 weeks. Ok well hope you are having a good night, we just fed the missionaries using your pizza crust recipe, LOVE IT!

Trumps said...

Does it count if you start out your weighing pregnant and then have the baby at the beginning of October???? Hehehe I probably still would not win ;o) Good Luck I hope you can get some competitors!!!