Saturday, August 9, 2008


So today I just randomly turned on the TV and the Women's Swimming Free-style relay was on.
I watched it and then I hear the name Lacey Nymeyer; she pulled USA in first, just barely beating China. I went to wake up Phil from his nap and said, "hey didn't you used to work for Aaron Nymeyer?" Yeah-why? Well his daughter just kicked butt in swimming... in China! What a small world. Phil used to build houses for Aaron when he lived in Tucson. Go Lacey and go Team USA.

Lacey Nymeyer qualified for her first Olympics by finishing third in the 100m freestyle at Olympic Trials, which earned her a berth on the 4x100m free relay. But a few days later, Nymeyer was bumped up to second when winner Dara Torres withdrew from the event, giving Nymeyer the chance to swim it in Beijing.


Ashley & Matt Marx said...

That is really cool. I always wanted to be an olympian in anything my ideal event would be peanut butter eating I could beat the whole world in that then I would have a gold medal that I would wear for the rest of my life all the time. I would be pretty fat but I would be a gold medalist.

Sara said...

I've wanted to get into the Olympics (I mean get into watching, not actually be in them) but I haven't yet. I used to LOVE watching gymnastics.

Aubrey said...

small world! What a coincidence!

Carrie said...

Small world...I grew up with the Nymeyers. Lacey's grandma taught me piano lessons and my mom and Lacey's mom are really good friends. We are all so proud of her!