Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hello Daddy!

Oh Happy Day
Boston is learning to tell stories already. A very animated daughter!

Grandpa and Grandma Hunt with cousin Charlie and baby B sleepin away

This is Boston's cousin Deacon and her Uncle Nate just haning out.


Ashley Marx said...

Charlie looks huge compared to Boston. Aubrey I know you love naked babies but do you every cloth your baby. All the pics I have seen lately Deacon is naked love it.

alison said...

What cute picts, I love the one of her with the little cloth on her head, she is a cutie!

Phil said...

She's beautiful sweetheart. She looks really happy and loved. You're doing such an amazing job with our little girl. Thank you for being my wife. Make sure she washes behind her ears and eats her veggies.

Love you