Sunday, August 12, 2007

Boston's 1st Hat

What's up dad????
Here's my cute new Winney the Pooh Hat

So our little girl wears designer clothes already...they say your kids are better dressed you.


Ashley Marx said...

I love babies in hats. Boston is getting really cute. Not that she wasn't always cute but now she is getting that nice baby fat that makes them oh so adorable.

Kristal said...

Um, yes, kids definately dress better than their parents. I just got a leeetle bit freaked out yesterday when I realized how many clothes Kam has. She has at least 30 nice outfits! She's 4!!!! I need to be on prescriptions for this addiction.
Boston is soo cute...oh, and so is your little girl.

alison said...

So cute, she has got some beautiful piercing eyes! Babies in hats are adorable!