Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our wonderful weekend getaways....

Phil's parents are serving a mission for the Vernal Cattle Ranch for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, raising the cows that become the beef for the cannery. They live in an old farm house with 5,000 acres and roughly 400 head of cattle to raise and fatten up!
We make it a point to go out there at least once a month for the weekend. It has been a magical experience for all of us. Boston is a TRUE cowgirl and LOVES every second of it. Brooks, is her little follower and together they have a blast!

Here is Brooks in her homemade redneck movie box seat for quiet time!

Boston and I eating our traditional popcorn during quiet time and watching a movie.

Grandpa made a swing for these 2 sweeties. The big red barn is right behind them and many hours are spent in there also. Feeding time is Boston's favorite chore and to spot the owls that live there is so fun!

These two angels are so sweet and play so hard they fall right to sleep and next to each other.

Wrapped up in Phil's jacket while waiting patiently for Papa to dig the holes for their new teeter tauter.

Papa makes this place come alive and they 3 of them go everywhere together!

Boston leading Lady while she takes Brooks for a ride. We usually hook the trailer up and go for a ride, haven't gotten a picture of that one yet.

They had a pond that froze one time we were out there. They are quite the good little skaters! We got their ice skates at a yard sale for a dollar!

We love all the family time we have gotten to spend together out in Vernon. We will dearly miss it when their mission is up in December, but plan to continue to milk it for all it's worth until it's gone. Boston and Brooks dug up a cow skull the last time we were out there, didn't have or camera on us then. Boston also has burned her fuzzy blanket on the fire, it was her idea. She's growing up so fast! We love what this place has done for our little family. Thank Mom and Dad for serving the Lord.


Chrissy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Your girls are beautiful! Can you believe we will have kids in school in the fall?!

Joleen said...

Love the pics, thanks for updating. We will see you soon.

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ruzzel01 said...

Im happy for you all. That summer vacation is fantastic.
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Dramas Updater said...

kid,s are so cute

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