Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Febuary and March

Hardly working

Hard at work changing the filters. Both Boston and Brooks are very good helpers and hard workers. Our girls want a dog so bad-they play doggy and owner. Boston said a prayer the other day that made me laugh so hard. "When we move out of Grandma Jo's please help us to get our own house with a little doggy and a guinea pig and don't forget the cage!" It was so funny! So yes when we get our own place we will be able to get our own animal farm!
Danny boy-he's one of our most favorite people on the planet. We met him in Monterey. He and Phil were in Arabic together and was our adopted family. Had dinner every Sunday with him and even took him to church for about 10 months. We were able to meet up with him in Tuscon for Laura's wedding. He is on his way to travel the world-he just got out of the Air Force. We love Uncle Danny!
My birthday was perfect this year! We went to the temple and did my grandma's sisters and brothers work for them. Then went for sushi and they made this for my b-day was yummy! Then on Saturday we went to Romeo and Juliet Play. So much fun.
Our nudest. She loves the water.

Valentines Day, Phil bought the girls a red rose and balloon. Poor Boston learned a hard lesson this year, if you take your balloon outside that you will never get it back. So then we got her another one-Phil could not take the heart break so he brought her another one. Then the next day her friend Jake took it outside with out her knowing and he thought it was funny to watch it fly away. She cried and cried and cried, she still talks about how heart broken she is about it. She will say "well next year I'll get another balloon."

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Richard and Joleen said...

Love Boston's prayer. She is so cute. Thanks for waiting to get a dog. We love you.