Thursday, June 3, 2010

Everything under the Sun

Brooks turned 1 on May 10th. We had our family over for a welcome home/birthday party/meet our girls party and it was great! Brooks didn't get any presents this year, but had her 1st taste of sweets. We had carrot cake cupcakes, yummy. Our little baby is growing up way to fast. She loves to eat, sleep and play as hard as she can while she's awake.

I have always known Phil to be the handy man. But our whole marriage we've lived in apartments or on base where they do everything for you. So we moved to my parents home until December, and he has had to be come quite the handy mandy! He takes Boston up on the roof with him, tied to him of course with about 10 feet of freedom. She learns a lot from him. They are great buddies!

As for me, I'm enjoying being back to AZ. It's so awesome to have Carrie and Callie live with us, they are a huge help to me as I am recovering from knee surgery #5. I just found out I have to have a 6th one done soon. I am blessed to have legs, but as Phil says "if you didn't have legs you wouldn't be having all these surgeries!" I am definitely loving my new skinny, sexy self. I have lost 65 pounds since last year after having Brooks. I was 200, now I weigh 135. I went from a size 12 to 4. I am the strongest I have ever been, I'm the super skinny buff chick everyone checks out in the gym-never in a million years would I guess that's who I'd become. WOW! I completed my Gold's Gym weight loss, over all transformation in April. I won from my gym and was submitted to Nationals, winners were announced on Tuesday, didn't win, but had a blast wishing and hoping and absolutely love my new transformation!

Brooks is amazing! She is pure JOY! Her laugh and snuggles are priceless.
She loves when Boston will play nice with her and loves to eat!

This gem if you notice is not wearing a swim diaper! She finally did it, she is potty trained, night time trained too. It took 3 days for everything. Her motivation was real gold fish, she named them Stinky and BB. She got to feed them every time she went. They are still alive and fat!
She has grown leaps and bounds and is LOVING having cousins and aunt and uncles. We are hoping to get her in preschool this up coming year.


Jen Trew said...

You do look fantastic! I love that you are feeling good and are happy - it shows on your face and in the smiles of your girls! I miss you so much!

Malori said...

Congratulations on being "skinny and sexy"! That is such a huge accomplishment! I'm sorry to hear that you will have to get another knee surgery - please let us know if you need anything.
You have such a cute family! You all look so happy!
I feel like I know you and your family already just from "stocking" your blog! I can't wait to meet you in real life!

April said...

65 lbs! That is amazing. I am struggling with 10, you are such an inspiration.
We are coming through AZ around the 6 & 7. Maybe we can get together, I will message you when it get s closer!

Land of the Mt land of the river and plains said...

Great update! Everybody looks great. Cute patriotic outfits.
love you