Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

I seriously have 2 of the best callings. Emergency Preparedness/Canning specialist and nursery leader. Working the the members in our ward has been great, it's been amazing to see what we actually have collected and what we still need to collect. I'm grateful for a large tax refund so we can put a chunk towards our food storage. Phil and I have really felt the need to be prepared in that way.
Once a month we go the cannery and help out and order some food for our little family.

Boston is the OXYGEN girl. She does so well at putting the O2 packs in and then puts the lid on top. We are starting her out early!

Our debt free/food storage family! YEAH!!!


Aubrey said...

I wanna see Phil throw some food over his shoulder and Brooks catches it in her mouth!

Karen Brothersen said...

That is awesome! I just planned a 72 hour kit night for Relief Society! It was so fun!

B+B said...

looks like you all did great! I didn't know you could take your kids. Maybe I will need to go too! You guys are looking great!

Sara said...

If ye hath a husband with crazy ancient armor and swords, ye shall not fear.

April said...

How do you food storage when you move so much? I have a hard tome collecting stuff, cause everytime I move I have to leave so much of it behind???
Seriously, I wish you were my neighbor.