Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh what to do when Phil is gone...

This morning we went to tour the train for the move A Christmas Carol. It was great until Boston had a melt down in the middle of the train.
I'm thinking she's just not a big fan of crowds.

Boston called this Thomas the Choo-choo train....all morning, day and nite. She loved it!

Family picture

Brooks was a great sport.

Not such a great shot with the Carolers they had out-beautiful voices mixed with Boston's :)

One of my favorite past times. This weekend Boston had another sleep over. She has some of the best friends. The are all older and I think she does much better with them than kiddos her own age. The Parker's are moving to China so we had to have them over just one last time!
Sadie the soaker!

Anna the wild one-don't let this innocent face trick you! She's a feisty one when it comes to the water!

Then there's her sister Amy who is a water bug and mean with the hose! Don't get in her way:)

Rachel and Danny trying to stay warm. Did I mention this was at 8 in the morning!

My two favorites! Boston loves them all, but lately Danny has been her favorite. She's excited to move to their home. We are going to be moving into the Parker's home to house sit while they are in China. YEAH, more room to play and amazing neighbors right next door!

Last but not least the highlight of my week. The missionaries. I keep saying with every set we have they are my favorites. There is something about each companionship that I love. These two are amazing. In fact all four that serve in our ward are AWESOME! They seem to get better and better ever set. They were great about helping me out this week. They were always calling to see if I needed anything while Phil was gone. Then they brought me a cake to say Thank You for helping them out earlier. I LOVE MISSIONARIES! Now I just gotta find someone for them to teach!


Chrissy said...

Looks like fun! Good for you for keeping busy while Phil's gone!!

Knudson Family said...

That's the best thing to do right? Just stay busy and the time will fly. I am so excited that you guys get to house sit for the Parkers...that will be so fun! You'll have room to breathe!!! Btw, Brooks is soooooo cute!

B+B said...

Wow you all had fun! Sometimes it is just easier to get a long with kids that are a little older. We will miss the Parkers too! That is really exciting that you get to house sit! Oh, do you have the missionary's number? I want to have them over for dinner again but forgot to write down their number.