Thursday, May 28, 2009

Visitors come and go...

Right before my mom and dad left. Boston just got up from a nap!
Surprisingly Boston is a great big sister. After trying to poke Brooks eyeballs out she has done much better. She covered Brooks up with her blanket!

Boston loves the bath, Brooks is getting there. In no time these two are going to make some pretty big waves!

Phil's parents were in town too, we took them to the Japanese Tea Gardens.

Phil is quite the photographer! I'm actually awake for this picture.

Brooks first bath, not a big fan of it, but she did good

My mom is an amazing seamstress. She made both Boston and Brooks baby blessing dresses. I'll post pictures later. She was very patient with Boston wanting to touch everything! Hopefully Boston will learn to be just as talented as Grandma Hunt.


The Bosko Family said...

Harry is 8 months old now and Clark still loves to try and poke his eyes out, Harry just pulls his hair now.

They are two little cuties!

The Elms Family said...

You have a great looking family there. Congrats again!!!