Thursday, May 7, 2009

My new hobbie....WAXING!!!

Not body waxing...for all silly people thinking I'd post that on here:)
It's so easy! My girlfriend Kim came over this morning and we had a blast. It's really fun and really easy. I'm going super hard core on this food storage stuff.
You buy the cheese wax.

Cut it up and melt it on a double boiler.

Paint the wax on, 2-3 light coats! That's the fun part.
You need to wear gloves.

Your finished product. It stores for up to 25 years. I don't know about you but I LOVE cheese and definitely want it in case of an emergency! So there you go.

You can order your wax and directions from
New England Cheese making Supply
P.O. Box 85, Ashfield MA 01330
Phone (413) 628-3808Fax (413) 628-4061


Nathan and Aubrey said...

25 years?!?! Is that without being refrigerated?

The Bosko Family said...

I can't believe it lasts for 25 years...I am not sure I want to taste that.
Amazing stuff...I am definently going to bring it up at our next ward shin dig.

Also, I am not sure if we will be here next April. It is 50/50. We could leave in January or I will let you know as soon as I do.

Jason and Amanda said...

Looks good.?. Amanda has got in on the year supply stuff and has found some really good ideas and recipes. Check out Wendy Dewitt, she gave a presentation for homemaking the other night and wowed all the ladies.

Congrats on the little one. Let Elder Allred know that his dad is doing great as our Sheriff. TSAM missionaries are the best. Give us a holler when ever you get a chance.

Jason Larson

PS: Go out to Leon Springs and eat at Rudy's for me, been craving it. Also find Chris Madrids on the west side of town, great hamburgers.

keeweeklan said...

That is so cool..... does anyoneknow what it would taste like after 25 years... and does it still need to be stored in a fridge? You rock!

Sara said...

To answer the questions: You should store it at a mild to cool temperature. It will continue to age, so it won't taste the same, but it won't go bad if you wax it right.

Trumps said...

Dude that is AWESOME!!!! Way to go girls you rock ;o)

Georgia P said...

hey good aged cheddar goes for some serious money..and oh so yummmy. :-)

i like the name Logan Brooks, that is pretty and it seems to fit

Trina Hautala said...

This is great to know - 25 years?! wow!!!

You are just trucking along - you are super preggo mom!!

Linda said...

i had no idea!!!!! thank you provident living.