Monday, April 27, 2009

My 2 favorite people!

Well this weekend was jammed packed with activities. It all started Thursday afternoon at the park. I went to get Boston-she ran away from the 8 month old pregnant lady. So when I picked her up-hard to do, I had a serious contraction. Well that made me drop her by holding on to one arm. I ended up dislocating her elbow. So we had to go to the emergency room. I have never felt so bad in my life to cause pain to my cute little girl.
Well when Phil was in the X-Ray room with her, he said a Fathers blessing and few minutes later, when he moved her elbow a certain way it actually popped back into place. So 5 hours later and no more crying, we were waiting to see the doctor. She climbed down and started climbing all over the ER. So we checked ourselves out and she loved her little sling Phil made for her. She seems to have fully recovered!

For FHE tonight we went puddle jumping-great shot of B having a blast!:) She got to wear her water boots finally.

Phil was able help with Michael's baptism on Sunday. He's the most eccentric person I have ever met. He's a hoot. Very excited about the gospel and very vocal! He's an ex English professor. Phil and he have a lot to talk about when they are together!

Saturday am before the piano recital Boston and Phil made me Bacon and Eggs. She did a great job. Phil loves her help in the kitchen. She's amazing at following directions. She's quite the little chef!
My most favorite picture of the week! These two are inseparable! They have a total blast together! I love the smile on B's face. She loves her daddy and daddy loves his little girl!


The Quaid's said...

What a weekend?! Glad everything was ok with you and Boston. How are you feeling? I'm so jealous that you are almost done- I feel like I have forever to go still! By the way, your piano playing is still amazing!!

Chrissy said...

Wow- busyness! I wanted to call you on Saturday- but I remembered you had your recital- I hope all went well! Every time I go to call you I realize it's 10 or 11pm- I don't think you guys would appreciate that- so I will try and get in touch soon! Mom left this morning and Mike goes back to work Thurs- so then I will really start experiencing life with 2 kids!!!! Glad everything is okay with Boston's elbow!

~ kietra ~ said...

Darling pics of Boston and Phil. Glad to hear everything is okay with Boston... and hope you have some more contractions soon! :) Are you ready? LLOOVVEE the name Sydney, by the way- much more than Stevie.

Heather said...

That's crazy! that stinks about Boston's arm, jeez you big meanie! :) I'm kidding you know, that is so sad, I would have felt so bad too. She's one tough little girl!! A chip off the ole' block I think. I'm so excited to see your new baby and I really hope everything is going well and that are healthy and well.


Sara said...

My mom dislocated my wrist when I was a little younger than Boston. She's a great mom - no worries.

Looks like fun as always over at the Hardings - we miss you!

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

That is quite the scare for you!!! How are you doing?

Thank goodness for the priesthood and that Boston is healing!

Sarah said...

C.U.T.E! I'm sorry about her elbow. Jeff did that to Tes just last month. He was putting her in the high chair. It's cray how they can just pop out like that. O like the picture of Phil and her in the parking lot. Funny you had your camera with you to be able to capture it.

kristal said...


Carrie said... are awesome! What a great story about Boston and her father's blessing. You have such a great little family, and another one coming soon!!! Good luck...and I LOVE the name Stevie!!!

AudyCamp said...

ok how little nephew got his arm pulled out of socket over the weekend too. after a quick trip to urgent care all was well. :) Ok this is so random but I randomly thought of a name. What about Huntley ?? (in honor of your maiden name.) I thought it was cute. Because of my own baby name dilemma I guess subconsciously I'm thinking of others & THEIR babies.

Trina Hautala said...

Oh my goodness - I am so glad that Bostom bounced right back, kids are more amazing and strong than we know!!

You keep resting and keep us updated with baby #2 :)