Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recovering from Sickness

So last week Boston threw up for 4 days straight. She had something nasty. She gave it to Phil. Phil had to stay home Monday. I was crossing my fingers that I didn't get it. Last time I was sick was Christmas of 2007. Tuesday am came and I was throwing up. So Phil got better, got permission to take till Friday off. Well I slept all day Tuesday-till 4:30 when my piano lesson showed up. I was cured. I'm sorry for people who have morning sickness, that has got to suck.
So Wednesday I was better, so Wednesday and Thursday we played all day. Just the 3 of us. How fun to be together and have some good quality time. I can't wait till Phil is rich and famous from his books so we can just play together with our kids.
We went to one of our favorite spots in San Antonio, the Japanese Tea Gardens.

Boston just can not get enough of the water and the animals. If we took her to a water plant or gave her the hose to play with all day she would be in heaven. She is gonna love this summer!

We love our little angel. I made her pose and she stayed and even crossed her leg! She is so much fun! We can't wait to see what 2 of these little darlings will do to melt our hearts!


AudyCamp said...

Ok so we threw up on the same day...awesomeness.I chucked like 9 times & it took me back to morning sickness days...Eck!
So your baby name is so cute. & Just wait till little Kayla comes & you will be amazed at how your heart will double with love in a matter of minutes. Oh & Boston is a cute little poser. :)

keeweeklan said...

My goodness... you look like you are ready to POP! I miss being pregnant. I love it! Little B is a DOLL... Bubbas at that age was so fun and soooo rewarding! You will definitely double the fun now.

Goodluck with the birth, will be praying for you:)

Nathan and Aubrey said...

Sorry y'all were sick (trying to sound Texan for you). I tell Nathan all the time we should all retire and hang out all day---who needs a job?!

Sara said...

I can't believe how close it's getting! wish we were there to help and hang out!

Chrissy said...

So glad everyone is feeling better-Josh passed around the flu to all but 1 in the house over Christmas!!! It was horrible- and it really does make you appreciate good health huh?! You look great- can't believe we'll be moms of 2 in just a matter of weeks!!!!

Rich knows all said...

Hey mama you look great. Baby is almost here!! What a cutie Boston is. Does she like bows in her hair. Now she has some try a braid. Connie called, she'll bring the stuff over tomorrow sounds like.