Friday, March 13, 2009

My knight in shining armor!

For those of you who don't know there are 2 things you need to know about Phil.
His dream is to have a full suit of armor and watch Saturday morning cartoons while eating his bowl of cereal with our kids. The second thing about Phil is he is a very talented writer. He has been working on a fantasy adventure book since I've known him. It's only been recently that he has really gotten serious and wants to get it published. All of his professors says he's got the talent and ability to make it big someday. So for his book he is writing he needed to do some research and know what it was like to build a suit of armor/chain mail so he could write about it.
So for the past 2 months every waking hour he has he has been sewing his chain mail suit together. Last night at 11:30pm he finally finished it! It's SEXY!!!

The LONG process of piecing the little rings together. They come in single rings, then have to be linked together piece by piece.
His top and bottom part done. He had an Internet pattern to go off of, everything else he just winged it and it turned out great!

One sleeve sewn on. Almost there....

His finished product. He decided to add sliver to add more character.

Here he his finished product. It weighs about 23 lbs and has over 22,000 rings in it. He even let me wear it. I'll post that picture for my 33rd week! We are so proud of him! Now he can get crackin on his book and make us a million bucks!


~ kietra ~ said...

That is SO cool! I don't think I've known anyone else to ever do that!! WOW! I bet the schools would even have him come in and teach.. or think of all the seminary object lessons!!!

Chrissy said...

Mike was so blown away with Phil's suit! He couldn't believe all the work that he did! Way to go!


OK.... with all that work and no pictures of him eating cereal with boston ... watching cartoons with his suit on???? Humor us a little please!!!! Seriously Phil you are one "stinking" awesome guy... we love you... Bryce will LOVE THIS! GO SILLIPINO:):)

Nathan and Aubrey said...

Wow. I'm impressed! Do you think he make me a little bikini out of that stuff? Ü hahaha

Like your 30 year/30 week pic on the side!

alison said...

Wow that is crazy, I bet you were one of a handful of preg. women who have worn a suit of armor. He is def. talented, hope the book all works out!

The Bosko Family said...

That is the coolest thing ever!
I can't wait to read his book, that is my favorite genre too.

You guys are the coolest.