Monday, February 23, 2009

Daddy Daughter Fun

So Phil really is the best dad for Boston. She is as weird and fun loving as he is. They are total DORKS together and it's a blast to watch them play and have fun. He has so many games he plays with her. They dress up together and laugh. He dances with her, he lets her help when he's cooking and tells her everything he is putting into the food and lets her smell and taste it too! He is great because he changes at least one diaper a day, he gives her a bath, he reads to her, he is great at disciplining her and very consistent with it. He will get her up on the weekends and let me sleep in a few extra minutes! He is always looking for new ways to help her and teach her to learn. He even puts her to bed and goes and covers her up in the middle of the night. Thanks Phil for all you do for our little family.


Nathan and Aubrey said...

I say sign 'em up for the family nativity at Christmas this year! They look like perfect shepherds.

Sara said...

I agree - perfect shepherds. lol.

Rich knows all said...

So cute! He'll be great at a daddy daughter playday.

Trina Hautala said...


oh my goodness - I came across your blog from Marnis blog - what a SMALL world!!

How are you?? Your family is adorable!!!

We missed yout at the reunion - hope all is well!!

Heather said...

You deserve this great man, that is for SURE! This post makes me so happy for you. Boston is adorable!

Kristal said...

Awww, I love being married to a dork too. Sadly we're both dorks so are kids are going to be the biggest nerds in town...good thing it's a small town. haha! Hey, thanks a ton for that chicken tortilla soup recipe...YUMMY! We've had it for 3 days now! So good!!! H ey, what's your upcoming girls name? You should name her Jaden? haha!

Sarah said...

I love the pictures you choose to put this "yay hubby" note with. Fun and cute. You said it so well :)

It's also that perfect phase of daddy-toddler bonding that happens just in time for the next kid. So my mom explained it to me years ago.
families sure can work great, eh?

Marni said...

Miken! So, this is a small world! Kari and Marc Hardy were in our ward in Mesa. They just moved out, but I think they are coming back after her parent's mission. I served in the Young Women presidency with her. So, anyway... one day Kari was telling me that I reminded her of one of her friends. Come to find out, I was you! Crazy!! I said "I know Miken!!" But of course, I knew you as Miken Hunt. :)

Trina is good friends with my friend Natalie. I met Trina when Natalie got married. We were bridemaids together! She is amazing! I have loved her ever since! :)

So, now we can keep in touch! I love your blog. I keep up on it! :) Your family is so cute!

Love, Marni

Trumps said...

Phil you are one cool dad!!!!! Way cute pictures ;o)

So you might be moving to AZ??? We lived on Southern and 27th avenue but to tell you the truth you do not want to live there... it is not as good as everyone thought it would be. Maricopa is nice its just kinda further out and gilbert seems to be where everyone is going these days. Hope that helps ;o)

carebearsrock said...

boston is asking to see the picture on the camera huh?? she was so cute when she did that with me.. hope your doing well.. everything is good here.. working alot.. paying off the bills.. love ya