Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008, better late than never

So this year for Christmas we took a trip to AZ to visit our families. We stayed with Phil's family first than mine. This is part one of two posts.
This year for Christmas we gave money to our ward to help out with less fortunate families and gift certificates to our most awesome missionaries. We got each other our traditional dollar amount gift for the years we have been together. So this year it was $6. Phil got a shot gun and I got some cool visors. Boston got her presents she got last year all wrapped up again, she loved it!!! We'll pull that trick as long as we can.
It was great to be with friends and family and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Cutest little girl ever

Our family!

My dad's kids David and Laura from his first marriage.

Callie came home from Hawaii, she was a nanny there for over a year. It was great to see her again.

Hot mamma Ashely and her family.

Nate, Aubrey and Deacon. Aubrey is expecting in June!

Boston had a hard time with all the 12-35 people who were there all at one time or another. But she did great on the 15 hour ride to and from! We love our little angel!


Knudson Family said...

Love that first picture of B...John said "wow, she looks so grown up, and....she has hair!" So cute!

Sara said...

it was so great to see you! you might want to update your "about me" section. At this point, I bet you are no longer hoping for a boy since you know it's a girl. Or maybe you still are :) No, I don't think so. There can be no "girly" Hardings. It would be impossible.

Ben had a BLAST with Boston. We hope you can visit again soon.

Rich knows all said...

Love the post. Happy New Year!!
Good pics.

Sarah said...

Wow... YOu are always thinking of others. Miken, I think the reraped gifts was a great idea and I'm mad i never thought of it.

Sarah said...

Sorry Re-Wrapped. I really should spell check.

alison said...

I can't believe how big Boston has gotten, she is adorable! Have a great new year!

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

So fun. Glad you had a great holidays. What an angel Boston really is to endure a 15 hour road trip, yuk... 12 hours is long enough for me.