Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best Buddies

Here is Ben and Boston in AZ a year ago when we moved to San Antonio.
Ben belongs to J0el and Sara Fulkerson our best friends who live in Phoenix. We miss them so much! It was great to hang out over Christmas break together.

Here they are today, so cute and growing up way to fast!

They had a blast together and played nicely and shared Ben's toys.

Here's Ben establishing dominance!

Phil reading to them, Phil looks great with a little boy, but maybe next time. For now he has to deal with all ladies!


Sara said...

Ben establishing dominance? Yah right - you didn't post the one where she got on top of him :)

We are all doing better now and at home. It was a little scary for a while - I wasn't really calling anyone because i didn't want to cry - you know how it is...

Trumps said...

That is awesome that Boston has a friend that she can be close to! We love and miss you guys XOXOXOX

~ kietra ~ said...

Heya! Found an awesome website for you
hope things are going well. how is seminary going for phil?

Sarah said...

That little boy looks like he could be yours. Cute little buddies they are.